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About us

The foundation for Carl Kühne KG (GmbH & Co) was laid in 1722 in Berlin. Kühne has been a family-owned enterprise up to the present day. As one of the most successful premium brands for dressings, vinegar, mustard, delicatessen and pickles Kühne stands for a healthy and tasty diet. The company is a market leader in Germany in almost all mentioned commodity groups and one of the largest producers of vinegar, gherkins, dressings, cabbage, sauerkraut and mustard in Europe. The company´s headquarter has been in Hamburg since 1945. The Kühne Group has 1,400 employees. Production sites in Germany are based in Berlin, Hagenow, Hamm, Schweinfurt and Straelen. As a growing global company, Kühne also has plants in France, Poland and Turkey, as well as a sales office in the Netherlands and a sales representation in China. Meanwhile, Kühne is exporting to more than 80 countries and always working to expand the export business in the future.

Products and services

Dressing - Kühne offers a wide variety of tasty dressings - the selection ranges from yoghurt to balsamic vinegar, herb dressing and some more.
Vinegar - We also offer a range of high-quality vinegars. All aspects of vinegar production are reflected in the company's 300 years of experience.
Pickled vegetable - Turning fresh vegetables into exquisitely tangy treats, Kühne has tasty ideas, recipes and different varieties of delicious vegetables. Vegetables from Kühne add a healthy spice to life and whet your appetite for something sour.
Sauces - Discover the variety of Kühne sauces from mild to hot, sweet to spicy, fruity and savory. Kühne sauces are characterized by high-quality ingredients, a creamy consistence and uniquely balanced flavors.
Mustard - At Kühne, we look back on a long family tradition - right from the beginning mustard has been almost playing a key role. Our mustard selection ranges from classic medium-hot mustard through to different specialties.
ENJOY Vegetable Crisps with sea salt

ENJOY Vegetable Crisps with sea salt

When you think of crisps, you automatically think of potatoes. But there's more and in colour! Beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato have got dressed up for ENJOY vegetable crisps. Paper thin, baked in sunflower oil and deliciously seasoned. No additives, flavour enhancers or flavourings. Vegan and gluten-free.
Our ENJOY Vegetable Crisps are available in three delicious varieties: Beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato with sea salt, paprika or herb seasoning.

Made for Meat Ají Panca Chili

Made for Meat Ají Panca Chili

It’s now no longer a question of: gas or coal? Instead, it’s all about Aji Panca Chili, Indian Curry or Cranberry BBQ. These are our three new grilling sauces by Kühne. What they all have in common: Made for Meat. Their taste? Super tasty ingredients from around the world.
The fine-fiery smoky flavour of the Aji Panca Chilli together with Brazilian pepper, diced tomato and pepper as well as scallions, bring the unique taste to our new Kühne Made For Meat Aji Panca Chilli.

Kühne Dressing Thousand Island

Kühne Dressing Thousand Island

The world of quick and tasty Dressings - there is a favourite Sauce to meet everone's taste. For every salad the perfect dresing. Put variety on your fresh salad with inspirational Kühne Dressings.
Our creamy piquant Thousand-Islands-Dressing with finely chopped vegetable is produced to an original American recipe. It is delicious on leaf salads as well as prawn cocktail and boiled eggs.

News & Innovations

Kühne ENJOY 

There is the brand ENJOY by Kühne - with products that taste good and are also good for you. That's possible - with the proper ingredients and unbeatable recipes.
Enjoy presents a delightful product range for a colourful and varied diet. ENJOY products are not only really delicious - With ENJOY, we offer a wide selection of tasty products: from functional dressings to a delicious vegan salad cream as well as crispy and tasty vegetable crisps. Our four ENJOY Dressings are available in 300 ml glass bottles and offer an exquisite variety of different tastes: Lactose free Yoghurt Dressing, Creamy Onion Dressing, Apple-Grape Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette and Raspberry Vinaigrette. ENJOY Salad Cream is the tasty alternative for all health conscious gourmets as it is vegan, gluten and lactose free. The assortment is completed by three varieties of ENJOY Vegetable Chips refined with sea salt, herbs or paprika for a true feel good snack.


Carl Kühne KG (GmbH & Co.)
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